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Moving Writers Forward

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Hi there. I'm Joe Durepos. I'm an author coach and literary agent dedicated to helping writers push their publishing dreams forward.

Throughout my career in publishing, I've helped bring more than 500 books to market, with worldwide sales of over 15 million. I've worked in both fiction and non-fiction, have sold manuscripts to every major North American publisher, and have seen dozens of my projects climb bestseller lists. 


Here at Durepos Literary, my expertise is at your disposal. I'll leverage my years of experience to help you understand the book industry, and give you the tools you need to pursue a successful career in writing and publishing.

Consultation & Collaboration

Paths to Publication

At Durepos Literary, I help authors achieve their publishing dreams.

Whether you have a manuscript that needs direction, want help creating a proposal, or you are in need of artistic feedback, I've got the insight and savvy you need to navigate the business of books.  

Author Coaching

Writing may be solitary, but you don't have to toil alone. As a coach, I advocate for your work, help you define your vision, and offer feedback, professional resources, and support.

Project Development

Sometimes it feels like the only thing harder than writing a book is getting it published. As your consultant, I'll help you shape your project, draft proposals, and get you on the road to your first printing.

Literary Representation

In addition to my consulting work, I offer literary representation to a select group of authors. My clients are close collaborators whom I represent with great care and consideration.

My Work

Putting Books on Shelves

I've been selling and making books for 40 years now. During that time I've helped bring hundreds of titles to print, represented some wonderfully talented authors, and forged some incredible friendships. And though all the nitty-gritty of the publishing process, I have never lost my passion for the magic of books.


Today, as a coach and consultant, I act as a sounding board and professional resource to writers navigating the publishing industry. 

I provide support, insight, and a dash of can-do spirit - - and I place a premium on helping authors create works that are as artistically fulfilling as they are commercially appealing.

Take a Look

Half Blind Faith

I don't just give feedback on writing - sometimes I draft my own stuff, too.


Check out my latest dispatch, and enjoy my literary musings and observations.

Follow Along

Let's Be Social

Tag along as Joe ponders the creative process and finds inspiration and humor in everyday life.


Clients & Collaborators

Throughout my career, I've enjoyed close collaborations with hundreds of authors, creatives, and publishing professionals.


As a lifelong lover of books, I'm honored and humbled to have played a part in the successes of my clients and co-workers.

"Publisher sales rep. Bookseller. Agent. Editor. Joe Durepos has done every single one of these jobs - and we don't know anyone else who can claim this kind of publishing experience


Joe knows every step of the publishing process from idea through and past publication. With that knowledge comes a unique ability to help writers write books that will sell to publishers and readers alike."


Arielle Eckstut & David Henry Sterry

The Book Doctors

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